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PostSubject: CHAPTER ONE   2010-08-28, 8:42 am

Nothing is as it seems.

There are two things that the general public has failed to delve deeply into.

One: The monopolization and legalization of criminal organizations
Two: The essence of existence.

This will soon change.

[] [] []

Since the dawn of the world, humankind has sought to understand themselves, that which is around them, and how the two combine. What is the essence of one, and what is the essence of the other? Countless questions have been posed over the history of time, a myriad of theories and questions that all boil down to:

What is life?

[] [] []

Chapter One.

Strange things are happening. Individuals of exceptionally high intelligence are experiencing psychic trauma. Some describe it as continuous physical attacks from something they cannot see, a being that feels animalistic and murderous. Some describe it as haunted visions, seeing things that vanish half a second later. Some describe it as an intense loneliness that manifests in physical sickness, seeing letters, numbers, code, scrolling for half a second, before vanishing.

These cases have resulted in one or more: anxiety, paranoia, schizophrenia, insomnia, memory loss, seizures, depression, dumbness, blindness, trauma.

Several things occur after the case has been reported:

One: The individual receives intense medical care, an attempt to “wash away” the sickness.

Two: The individual proceeds to research this phenomenon and finds nothing of value or similarity aside from Hollywood productions, all of which have in common one Set Designer named Jack Morifous.

Three: The individual receives a letter from a man simply known as “Hunt”.

[] [] []

Your move.

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PostSubject: Re: CHAPTER ONE   2010-09-22, 12:52 am


There are two Maps occurring. You may choose which map to place your character into.

Map 1: Our real world.
Alternate Map 1: A Gotham-esque, noir type world overrun by criminals.


layers, cells, constellations.

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