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 [rules] Whoaa There.

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[rules] Whoaa There. Empty
PostSubject: [rules] Whoaa There.   [rules] Whoaa There. Empty2010-08-29, 4:00 am

While this is on the Internet, these forums are not a democracy. We have rules, and we expect them to be followed. Most of the following is common sense but we still expect you to know them.

  • Respect the staff.
    Insulting a staff member will not be tolerated, regardless of circumstances. If you disagree with a staff member, talk to them politely and intelligently through PM. If you feel like your complaints are still not being addressed, then take it to another staff member or Administrator. It's better for everyone if you remain calm and handle the situation appropriately.
  • Do NOT Plagiarize.
    Not tolerated at all. Do not claim that works, photographs, art--anything--as yours if it's not. That's not cool and it's illegal. Don't bring that negative energy to our site. :/
  • Keep the drama off our boards.
    Don't bring off-site drama to TECORA. It's not sexy and we don't want to deal with it.
  • Do NOT flame.
    Being abusive to another user will not be tolerated. If they have broken a rule, use the Report button. If they need to be pointed to the Rules & FAQ, point them to it and leave it at that. In addition, any grievance given due to race, nation, sex or creed will not be allowed. Please always let a staff member handle the situation; do NOT try to take matters into your own hands.
  • Do NOT spam.
    One word posts, off-topic banter, and multiple posts are prohibited in the In Character Play section.
  • Keep your avatar and signature small.
    Your avatar is limited to 150 x 150 in dimensions, signatures are 500x100.
    I'm sure you don't want to have to scroll past gigantic pictures just to get to posts. They aren't the main reason for this site anyways.
  • Inappropriate usernames, avatars, profile pictures, and signatures are not allowed.
    Do not post nudity on our boards. Cursing isn't censored but be reasonable. Any changes made by the staff is under our discretion.
  • Alternate Accounts are allowed.
    However, before making one, please PM either Scylla or myself with your original account and once you've PMed me, go ahead and make an alt, and we will add you to the list! (Limit of three accounts per person)

As staff, we have the right to change or add to the rules as we see fit.
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[rules] Whoaa There.
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